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SYM History

SYM are one of the largest scoota manufacturers in the world and are based in Taiwan. Founded in 1961, SYM has enjoyed incredible success worldwide, has quality accredited factories, 2,400 employees and manufactures over 2,500 scootas a day!

They invest heavily in Research and Development and are very proud of their commitment to regularly showcasing new products. SYM has manufacturing plants in both Taiwan and China, all are overseen with strict management and quality assurance principles; this strength has been the foundation of their ongoing success.

Sanyang Industry Co., LTD. Was founded in 1954 in Neihu Taipei and initially started as a manufacturer of bicycle generator lights with only ten employees and a small old office.

With perserverance and determination Sanyang Industry has grown into one of Taiwan’s most successful companies. Throughout the last 50 years they have focused on continual research and development and leading edge technology; this has helped build its international reputation as a leader in the motorcycling industry.

Corporate Citizenship

Whilst Sanyang has focused on building the best vehicles possible they also have high regard for their responsibility towards the environment.

They comply with Taiwan’s environmental protection standards as well as industrial safety laws and regulations. Additionally, in an effort to improve pollution problems, they have equipped their factories with waste disposal facilities for sewage, air pollution, VOCS and waste recycling zones. Whilst endeavouring to minimise pollution levels within manufacturing they are also developing “green products” which are more fuel efficient, lightweight and recyclable. In 2002 more than $200 million was invested in design and testing facilities towards better management of environmental concerns.