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We know safety’s important and that’s where Armadillo Scooterwear comes in. Perfect for the delivery market we can cater for small runs with your logo heat pressed on the jacket of your choice or even work closely with you to get something truely unique for your brand.

Originally produced by a couple of UK guys we saw a wonderful opportunity to get involved and became the Australian importers of this unique product.

In 2012 we joined forces and moved Armadillo Scooterwear to Australia keeping the creative side UK based. It’s been an exciting few years building on the brands already strong foundation and finding distribution partners all over the world.

Distribution is Australian based which enables us to not only look after our local retailers but also expand our business online. Our e-shop is with free freight Australia wide.

We hope you love our range as much as we do. All jackets come with d3o armour; the lightest, most flexible and toughest armour out there!

Simply email us on with a copy of your logo, the jacket you’re interested in and an idea of quantities; and we’ll come back to you straight away!